Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for Covid-19, Filming for "The Batman" Paused Temporarily

Sep 4, 2020 - 11:58
Sep 4, 2020 - 13:04
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Robert Pattinson Tested Positive for Covid-19, Filming for "The Batman" Paused Temporarily

British actor Robert Pattinson has tested positive for COVID-19. On Thursday, in a statement, movie studio Warner Bros said that “filming has temporarily paused” because “a member” of the production tested positive and is “isolating in accordance with established protocols” for the virus that causes the disease covid-19. The studio however did not give the name of the member tested positive. The studio's statement added, but did not say for how long. The highly-anticipated movie, in which Pattinson stars as the comic book hero, has been a talking point on social media.

According to US media, the pause in filming, confirmed by Warner Bros, is because lead actor Robert Pattinson has tested positive for the virus.

The cast and crew of “The Batman” and Actor Robert Pattinson had been filming outside London in Glasgow for the superhero movie for almost three months when the production suddenly had to be halted in March as the novel coronavirus spread through and across parts of Europe. At the time, the studio said that filming would stop down for just two weeks. Instead, the filming didn’t start until earlier this week.

And just after days of restarting production, the film had to be shut down yet again, this time because its star reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus, Vanity Fair first reported, derailing the studio’s hopes for another global blockbuster.


The plot of the film hasn’t been revealed, but Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer in late August. In “The Batman,” Pattinson plays the titular role as a young Bruce Wayne. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film also stars Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell and Jeffrey Wright. The Batman was initially due for release in June 2021 but has been delayed to October 2021.

With so much interest around the upcoming movie and the never-ending love the fans have for the Twilight actor, the news caused a major upset to Pattinson followers.

“robert pattinson really can’t catch a break. first the spanish influenza and now covid????”  — kathleen (@wtvrkathleen) 

“Wishing Robert Pattinson a healthy and speedy recovery after testing positive for Covid-19❤️”   — ‏ً (@Ienscap) 

Many had to say about the virus, bat disease returning to the batman.

“Robert Pattinson tests positive for COVID-19. Finally the virus returned to the Bat body.” - @Rohitswarrior1

“Robert pattinson, who is to play Batman, has tested positive for Covid, which originally came from a bat. Is that dark Irony or?” - @whoiselio


“Robert Pattinson will end coronavirus. Starts with a bat and ends with a bat.” -@Orlandoenelcine









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